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The Matrix Easy Kit makes it easy to work with matrices in Math Processor.

A screen-shot of the Matrix Easy Kit highlighting relevant controls:

MP Matrix Easy Kit

The above-numbered fields have the following meanings/functions:

  1. Create Button: This button creates a new matrix based on the number of rows and columns given in the up-down controls labeled rows and cols respectively. The matrix by default is filled with zeros; but it can optionally be filled with random numbers by checking the Rand check-box.
  2. Matrix Tab: Every new matrix that is created in the GUI is included in the Tab control with its name appearing in its respective tab. The name must match the one under which the MP's core engine knows this matrix. The Kit uses a unique name for every new matrix it creates.
  3. New from Expression: This button sends the expression given in the attached text-box (i.e. the text-box between create and New from Expression buttons) to MP's engine. If the expression evaluates to a new Matrix, it is included in the Matrix Tab; otherwise, the user is informed that the expression did not return a matrix.
    Important: Whether the expression evaluates to a Matrix or not, it is executed by the MP's core engine. So you can, in fact, send any command to MP using this mechanism.
  4. Reload All: You are allowed to use both the GUI and the command line in parallel. This means that the GUI representation of the matrices may not always be in sync with the internal data (in case you alter the matrices using the console commands). In that case you can use this button to reload all the matrices added to the GUI from memory.
  5. Matrix Operations: This group of controls is used to perform several useful operations on matrices. The group contains a check-box that specifies whether the operation should add a new matrix after performing the operation or just replace the existing one. At present the following six operations can be performed:
    • Transpose
    • Inverse
    • Row Echelon Form
    • Reduced Row Echelon Form
    • Matrix of Minors
    • Matrix of Co-factors
  6. Info Group: This group of controls gives you some useful information about the currently active matrix. The information is only displayed/updated when you press the Refresh button in the group.
  7. Reload Matrix: If you alter the currently active matrix using the text commands, you can re-load it in the Matrix GUI by pressing this button.
  8. Command Box: This box can be used to send text commands to the main MP engine. The Matrix Kit places a semicolon (;) at the end of all commands sent to MP's engine through this mechanism, so as to prevent normal output from showing in the main command window. The commands entered in the command box are sent to MP when you press the Go button.