Easy Kits > Basic Math and Stats Easy Kit

The Basic Math & Stats Easy-Kit can be used to perform many useful operations on numeric values (single numeric values or arrays).

The most relevant controls of Basic Math & Stats Kit are highlighted in the following screenshot:

MP Basic Math Easy Kit

The above-numbered fields have the following meanings/functions:

  1. Input: This list is used to input numeric data for the required operation.
  2. Output: This is to contain the result of the operation.
  3. Operation: The operation group holds three items. First is a list box which contains several basic operations possible on numeric values. The second is a text box. This contains an optional name for the output. You can store the result of the operation as a variable. The third control in this group is the 'Go' button. Pressing this button will perform the selected operation.
  4. Save variable as: This group consists of three controls. You can use this group to save your input or output vector in an MP variable. The first control in this group is a text box. This is used to provide a name for the variable. The name should begin with a letter or underscore. You can then press either 'Save Input' or 'Save Output' button to store input or output respectively in a variable.
  5. Variable: This panel holds all the variables which contain vectors (i.e. a single value or an array of numbers). Any of the variables can be loaded in the input list by clicking the variable name. The 'Update' button present on top of the panel can be clicked to reload the available vectors This is provided in case you create vectors outside the Easy-Kit after it is loaded.
  6. Command Box: This box can be used to send text commands to main MP engine. The commands typed in the command box are sent to MP when you press the 'Go' button. You can issue any valid MP commands using this box.