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Math Editor is an equation editor. It runs on MS Windows machines with .Net framework installed. It allows you to create all kinds of mathematical equations.

To download Math Editor now, please visit the Downloads section.



The new version of Math Editor is much more capable than the previous versions. Here is a screenshot:

Math Editor Screenshot


  • Create, save and edit equations in an intuitive environment.
  • Export equations as image files for use in web or office documents.
  • Copy any part of the document using standard copy operation and then directly paste the equation as an image in a word processor, paint program etc.

Future Plans

  • Better support for creating equation templates
  • Improved GUI with more powerful tools for manipulating the equations
  • A calculating engine for doing calculations right inside Math Editor without requiring a calculator.
  • Support for MathML and TeX/LaTeX
  • Integration with MS Office and other products


Math Editor is absolutely free for personal use. However, you are not allowed to redistribute it over the Internet or other media without our explicit permission.

Math Editor uses the math fonts from the STIX Fonts project. For more details about STIX, please visit the Official STIX Fonts Project site.